asthetic surgery thigs and calves

Calf implants were initially used to repair asymetry in poliomyeltis, spina bifida, club foot deseases that can leave a unilateral/bilateral smaller calf muscles.

To have a natural anatomical balance of leg appearance, we add mass and definition to the leg by using implants or fat graft.

For men the goal is to emphasize bulk.and /or to correct conginetal desease defects.

For women the goal is to have an anatomical balance appearance.

The procedure is undertaken under local anesthesia (general anesthesia if associated with fat filling).

Liposuction can be associated to enhance the result by taking fat graft from other area, purifying and then grafting in the calves. The procedure needs to be repeated four months later because of partial fat resorption.

Discomfort after operation can last during two weeks. We provide the patients instructions to ensure better healing, fewer complications and optimal results.