asthetic surgery face-lift

Ageing and slackening concern skin and subcutaneous structures of the face. Due to this complexity, face-lift is considered as a < made-to-measure > surgery.

Face-lift consists in the repositioning of facial cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. There are three types of face-lift : soft-lift has an effect on forehead wrinkles and on falling eyebrow tails (no scar and local anaesthetic) ; midface-lift also erases jowls ; finally (cervico-facial) face-lift concerns the whole face and also the neck.

In most face lifts the incisions are down from temples, countouring the ear to finish back behind the ear lobe on the lower scalp.

The procedure can be combined with lipofillig, PRP, Botox, browlift, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping.

Our philosophy is that we wont only tighten skin and subcutaneous tissues, but we would give your face a fresher appearance and youthfull look.