Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery is corrective surgery to repair the body defects due to disease, trauma, or burns. It is usually performed for the purpose of returning function to the body, but can also be used to improve the appearance of a person.

The procedure is individualized after evaluation of the clinical case, desired results and medical necessity. Like the procedures themselves, there are multiple surgical methods to achieve the desired results, so only thecsurgeons experience can help and give the patient the best way to attempt his desire.

This surgery needs a high qualified surgeon, especially in microsurgery and other fields. Like :

1. In facial reconstruction (cleft lip surgery, ear reconstruction, skin tumors)

2. In breast reconstruction or reduction. These procedures are available for women who have undergone a partial or total mastectomy (breast cancer.), or for women who have abnormal large breasts causing backs problems, head aches or other related health issues. In breast reconstruction we established a decisional algorithm that suits each kind of patient. We can reconstruct :

  • with implants, in one stage, two stages
  • latissimus dorsi flap with implants or with fat graft
  • DIEP flap in one stage with nipple and areolar complex, this procedure needs microsurgery.
  • Gracilis flap taken from the inner part of the thigh by microsugery.
  • Fat graft needs is becoming our first choice when its possible, because we dont need to make scar anywhere and the result is really impressive.

3. In wound care and burns, thus we can improve psycological problem by a simple procedure.

4. Conginetal ear deformities : cup ears, proeminent, hemifacial microsomia associated with maldevelopment of ear and mandibule. Dr Firmin in France (expert in ear reconstruction) teached Dr Beldi the technique of ear reconstruction from rib cartilage, thus helping children with this congenital deformity.

All these reconstructive procedures are covered by most of the insurance companies.

In this web site we tried to give you a summary of procedures, nevertheless you may have a lot of question and expectations so dont hesitate to contact us for more informations.